Maximum results with minimum square meters!

About me

I create homes for people who valuate that LESS is MORE- with minimum square meters with maximum results.

With many years of experience in real estate, I noticed that many people take the huge mortgages for big houses, just to look better than others. After financial crisis many of them lost their homes. We are not created to be the slaves for the banks, employers and the jobs that we do not like- just to pay the big mortgages.

We should do what we love. I love to create the small homes. It is my passion, hobby and job at the same time.

If you are planning to buy a new apartment or renovate your current home, modify your house as a rental studios, please be free to contact me:

Lets make Your Dreams come true together!

Small Homes for Bigger Life,

Marilyn Lind
CEO and Project Manager
Small Homes Ltd